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What to wear to a Boudoir Session

Buying new clothing is half the fun of a photo shoot - am I right? Half kidding of course, but who doesn't love a good excuse to go shopping! This session is designed to make you feel confident and just LOVE the way you look, and you want the clothing to reflect that! Think about what you want your shoot to reflect, or if you have a theme in mind, and start there. I have a few tips for you!


A simple bra and panty set is perfect - no need to complicate things! A push up bra is a great choice, this is no time for modesty! Lace and sheer is also preferable over a full coverage or tshirt bra. Black is classic, but red is always a good choice as well.

Not everything needs to be lingerie! A button down of your special someone, a jersey, or an oversized sweater are all good items to bring. Have a dress that makes you feel incredible? Bring it!

If you feel sexy in what you're wearing, it will show in photos! Try everything on beforehand and make sure you feel comfortable!

Bring a pair of heels - we won't be walking in them, so they can be super high! Black is always a good choice. Make sure the bottoms of your shoes are clean, or if you're barefoot make sure to wipe your feet before the shoot!

Feel free to accessorize! A long string of pearls, diamond earrings, or a stack of bracelets can really enhance the look of your outfit and add an extra element to your photos. Feel free to bring anything you think might work!

Casual is ok too! A simple fitted white tee, or cami paired with some short shorts, or panties can be just as sexy.

Get your nails done! If you don't have time for a mani pedi, just clean trimmed nails are fine. Neutral colors are best as bright colors will become a focus in photos.

You'll be having your hair and makeup done, so come with a clean, dry face and clean, dry hair! If you normally use styling product in your hair, feel free to put that in, and come with your hair down.

Bring your clothes on hangers instead of stuffing them in a suitcase or backpack, the less wrinkles, the better!

And the best tip = relax! I promise you will love the way you look, and I will help you every step of the way! We will have fun!


I've linked here to a few ideas, but don't feel limited by these options! Feel free to email or message me with any questions or photos of outfits!

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